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Uses acrylic paint (dries quickly and ideal for working outdoors) and oil on board, canvas, paper or Masonite and Indian ink washed with watercolour on paper. Prefers to paint in impressionistic style, subject usually landscapes in rural France, portraits, automobiles. Likes to work in an anecdotic, illustrative way. Motto: painting is fun, but fun must be taken seriously. Tries to learn as much as possible from professional painters by visiting their expositions, experimenting with their technical solutions. Inspired by the great French and Dutch impressionists and the northern figurative school. Considers himself to be a lyrical impressionist and illustrator of ‘the longing for that undiscovered place on earth where one can feel oneself at home without actually living there.’

Geert Kraaijenbrink
Born in 1954 in The Hague, Netherlands. Lives in Assen now. Ran a private practice as a clinical neuropsychologist, now retired. Started drawing in his school years. As a student several illustrations for scientific publications. Autodidact as a draughtsman. Started painting in 1992. Since that time lessons from Arien de Groot and Peter de Vis, members of the illustrious Groningen artists society De Ploeg. Is married and has two sons:

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